Karara – The Indian Take-out

Last night, we decided to check out this new Indian take-out place, called Kararathat had recently opened in our neighbourhood. The food was fresh, delicious, flavourful, SPICY, and filled with curry 🙂 The portions were quite generous and the Naan that accompanied our meal was still steaming!

When you check out the menu online, you will notice several vegetarian options available. However, if you are looking for vegan meals, the options may not be as apparent. I decided to try the clearly labelled “Vegan Thalli,” and just to be safe (since there were no ingredients listed online), we spoke with the chef directly. Not only did he confirm that this meal was vegan, he also suggested I try the vegan whole wheat Naan. This came as a surprise because this whole time I have been avoiding Naan thinking that it is not a vegan friendly option!!


So,  if you are ever in the mood for some delicious Indian cuisine, check out Karara, and keep in mind that they are quite flexible with their menu and can, to a certain extent, make alternations that would meet your dietary needs.


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