Grow Your Roots

A few months ago, a colleague of mine sent me a link to a local restaurant in the west end. Yesterday, we finally got to visit this place and try the food. Grow Your Roots is a small, charming, and  100% vegan café and catering establishment with many gluten-free and soy-free breakfast, brunch, and lunch options.


We arrived at the café during the lunch time and although the place was packed with customers, the service was quite fast and friendly. In addition, the tasteful interior design, decorations, and the wall mirror created a spacious feel.

The food was nothing short of amazing. We ordered two sandwiches with a side of fries (because I LOVE fries 🙂 ) and we even had left overs to take with us. So, to my readers, if you are ever in the Kanata area, make sure to visit this café! You won’t be disappointed. Just as a tip, to reduce your wait time, perhaps try booking a table ahead of time (if possible) as the traffic is quite steady 🙂



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