Smile and smell the coffee :)

All dressed in white and with my coffee in my hand, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t that be funny if I were to spill coffee on myself?” The moment didn’t last long. I laughed and forgot all about it!
Two minutes before getting off the bus, I took the last sip and felt a cough coming! It was too late to stop the cough! Next thing you know, I am choking and then coughing and then there goes my last sip of coffee all over my white pants! My fear came true. In that one moment of panic and hysteria many different thoughts ran through my mind: “How am I going to stop coughing?” “What are other people going to think when they see me and my pants?” and more importantly, “How am I gonna get the coffee stains off?”
Once the coughing subsided, I laughed! I started looking on my phone to see how I could remove the stain. The solutions involved vinegar, dish soap, cold water, rubbing the affected area, and repeating everything 2 or 3 times once every 5 minutes! So, I am now at work! All I have at my disposal is the nearest washroom, cold water, and hand soap! This will have to do! And you know what? It did! It got rid of most of the stains 🙂 Luckily the coffee did not make it to the other 99.99% of my outfit. And the best part was that my linen pants cooperated and helped me get rid of most of the stain and the excess water by drying fast.
I put on my lipgloss (you can’t put lipgloss before coffee! It just doesn’t make sense;) ) and walked to my office! On the way, I was thinking to myself that life is full of coffee stains! Literally and figuratively! How you choose to remove them is all up to you! We get to decide if we want to focus on the 1% or the other 99%. Life is too short to worry about coffee stains, so smile and smell the coffee;)
Now, the best part is that if I see you today and we don’t really have much to talk about, at least I can tell you about my white outfit and coffee stain story and we can laugh about it together! After all, before noon, there will be another coffee stain story and mine will be all forgotten about 🙂
Hope you are all enjoying your morning coffee!

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