I wish you nothing but peace….Happy Monday!

I am not an angry person by any means. But, it’s been quite some time that I have been angry. The worst part is that I have been angry at one of the people in my life whom I love very much. I hate being angry, especially at those whom I care deeply about and love more than anything. Where does our anger come from? What fuels our passion that sometimes turns into anger? Is it anger or is it frustration? Whatever it is, it is eating me from inside. This frustration is not solving anything, instead, it seems to be distancing us and ruining the bridges that we have built over the years. I have been thinking about all of this. I know one thing that being angry deprives us of peace, love, and happiness. It deprives us of the moments that we will never get back. It deprives us of the closeness that we wish we get to have when it is a little too late.

So here it goes! Starting today, I am letting go of my anger. My late grandfather used to say (and now my mom says it): Always be the bigger person. I am going to be the bigger person. I am going to let go of the fact that I am hurt, angry, and sad; instead, wish the other person a healthy and peaceful life.

I have come to realize that being angry has made me become even more bitter, enraged, and resentful (if that’s possible). Thinking about being sad, hurt, and disappointed seems to be playing in my head like a tape on constant replay. To find peace, I am letting go of the anger, I am letting go of the sadness, and I am letting go of the disappointment. This wouldn’t be called “life” if we didn’t learn from not only our own mistakes but also others’.

To this person whom I love the most: I wish you peace! I hope you find it! I am letting go of my anger and I am only keeping love and acceptance for you.

To my readers: It is never easy letting go of our hard feelings, anger, sadness, and disappointment. But, try your hardest. You need the peace and tranquillity more and by being angry, you are losing out on those minutes where you could be happy instead. We can’t teach everyone everything! We can only hope that one day they will understand! As my grandfather would say: Be the bigger person. Let’s hope the other person will wake up one day and realize what you meant to them and what you have sacrificed.

Choose peace!

“For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I hope you are having a peaceful Monday.

Happy Monday! See you next week 🙂



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