Wednesdays are my favourite days to smile :)

Every day, I try to smile, whether it is to a random stranger walking past me, the little girl I often see on the bus on my way to work, or even when I am alone reading a book or just thinking about life in general. Even coming to my blog every week and seeing you guys interact with my blog, makes me smile big 🙂

Smiling is my new favourite thing to do, especially when it seems the hardest! You really have to give it your all, especially when there is nothing to smile about or you are just not in the mood! Let me tell you, it doesn’t come easily!

So, to follow through with our Wednesday Smiles post, here are my top five smiling moments since last week 🙂 Get ready! Here comes a big smile…

  • If you live in Ottawa or have family and friends from Ottawa, you have probably heard of La Machine by now! We got to see it over this weekend. It was a four-day show and by far one of the most incredible and captivating experiences and performances I have seen in a very long time or even ever!! Look up the photos! You will know what I mean 🙂
  • Who does not like dessert? I happen to love watermelons, especially when they happen to be a dessert option 😀
  • I came home tonight and saw that my mom (who is visiting us and we are thrilled about that) has made us my favourite dish! She even made it vegan, even though she is not vegan herself! Thanks mom! Your cooking is the best!!
  • The other night, we had a family dinner with most of the members of my family. It is always great when we get together. It is a blast! I love them all and I just cannot spend enough time with them. It was even more fantastic because I got to try the mushroom cap burger (on an everything bagel! haha… 😀 ) at The Works for the first time! I give it two thumps up! Try it, you will love it 🙂
  • Going to the gym always makes me smile. I may be waking up early and not in the most amazing morning mood, but once I get to the gym and I am ready to give it my all, I am happy and smiling 🙂 especially when the music happens to funny and funky 😀

Check out my Instagram for the photos (@elapetite) and feel free to share what made you smile this week:)

Keep on smiling and I will see you next Wednesday for more smiles 😉



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