Wednesday smiles: Smiling is like yawning! It can be contagious :D

” Most smiles are started by another smile.” –  Frank A. Clark

It is time for another #WednesdaySmiles post 🙂 Here are my top five:

  • A visit to one of our favourite cat cafes made us smile ear to ear. The Siberian Cat Cafe in Chelsea, QC happens to have the cutest and most beautiful cats I have ever seen!! It was lovely drinking my London Fog while visiting these amazingly stunning and playful kitties 🙂
  • We went to Gatineau Park in Gatineau, QC over the weekend and what do we spot in the middle of the woods? You guessed it! A heart shaped leaf in the heart of the woods. Loved the sight ❤ It is true that love is all around! You just need to look carefully 🙂
  • I am like a hawk! Constantly trying to spot animals everywhere I go. While walking around the Pink Lake in Gatineau Park, I was desperately looking to spot a turtle (I always see at least one turtle every time I go). Lo and behold, before leaving the park, we spot a little turtle.  I was so excited that if someone didn’t know, they would think that I had only gone to the park to find a turtle (maybe I had…I guess we will never know :D).
  • Flowers always make me happy, especially when I get to take photos of them 🙂
  • Spotted one of our fur babies curled up into a perfect circle and sleeping on one of the couch cushions! I love cats’ attitudes toward life! They are full of love, extremely independent, and give zero care to what others think 🙂

What made you smile this week?

Don’t forget to smile! You can brighten your own and other people’s lives. So don’t be shy with your smiles. They are truly contagious 🙂

Till next week, keep smiling 🙂


4 Replies to “Wednesday smiles: Smiling is like yawning! It can be contagious :D”

  1. I’ve recently stumbled across your blog and love it! Have you been to the Carbide Wilson ruins past Meech Lake in Gatineau Parc? lt’s a stunning hidden gem 🙂 Happy Sunday to you and your family 😸

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    1. Thank you! Welcome to the blog 😀 Excited to have you on board!
      We have indeed been to the Carbide Wilson ruins. They are breathtaking and beautiful 🙂
      Hope your Sunday is filled with smiles 🙂

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