Get ready to smile….BIG :D

As you already know, I started my “Happy Monday” challenge over two months ago and added some fitness classes to make my challenge a little bit more “challenging.”

I experienced some rough days of being extremely sore, woke up as early as 4:30 am on some days, got over not being “in shape,” overcame my fear of group fitness classes (although I ended up being the only participant for one of the classes for the whole seven weeks 😀 ), and most importantly, forgot all about the fact that I was not a big fan of Mondays! 😀 

It’s amazing how our mind can sway our body whichever way it wants! So, I would like to propose a new challenge called Wednesday Smiles 🙂 (Don’t worry! the Happy Monday challenge is here to stay….for now anyway 😉 ) I am going to combine my love of photography and smiling and capture five moments that make me smile each week! When you think about it, that’s really nothing! I certainly hope we get to smile more than five times a week, but that’s a great start 😉 Every Wednesday, I will share my five moments with you here and (the photo of it) on Instagram. Tomorrow is July 1st. Let’s start the month smiling ear to ear.

Set challenges in life…after all life is one challenge after another…we can only become more experienced and prepared if we exercise both our bodies and minds 😉

Till our next smile, so long for now 🙂



3 Replies to “Get ready to smile….BIG :D”

  1. Wednesday is harder than Monday for me because it is in the middle. At least on Monday I had the weekend before it!! Smile Wednesday!
    Happy Canada day

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