Sometimes a simple wish is just not enough…Happy Monday…

It was just over seven weeks ago that as part of my Happy Monday challenge, I started attending fitness classes. I did not expect much from any of my classes, but was hoping to establish an even healthier routine and incorporate more activities into my life. Little did I know that this new addition would change my mentality and my overall physical and mental well-being drastically.

To my surprise, with determination and just attending each class and giving it my all, every week became a little bit easier and a little bit more exciting. I was able to do more reps, feel less tired, and keep up with the instructor, and even challenge myself a bit more by doing more.

This morning as I woke up to get ready and head out, I realized that today was the last session. I couldn’t believe that the last eight weeks had gone by so fast. Going to the gym was not something I HAD to do. It soon became something I WANTED to do. after having attended the final class today, I am now more determined to sign up for the second half of the classes and do another seven-eight weeks.

What I really wanted to tell you all today is that nothing is ever out of reach. With a little bit of will power, determination, motivation, and discipline, a lot of what we wish we could do, we can simply do by just giving it our best. When I first started the fitness classes, my goal was to just do as many reps as I could, lift as much weight as my body would allow, and take as many necessary breaks as I needed in order to be able to finish each class feeling accomplished and rejuvenated.

Sometimes, our mindset is what allows us to move forward or stay back. Sometimes, wishing to do something is just not enough. Sometimes, it is by doing and giving it our all that we can flourish and develop into something that we are proud of. 

Before, every time I saw someone who was active, was involved in a sport, or something of that nature, I would say “good for you!” followed by  “I wish I could do that!” Now, my mentality has changed. I still encourage others and admire their hard work. However, what’s changed is that I don’t say “I wish I could do that!” I, now, give myself the confidence and the motivation to say to myself that “I can do my best to be more active,” “I can do more,” or “I will do more!”

If I can do it…anyone can…Whether it is a simple workout routine, a wish to become more motivated, a desire to be more confident, or a reason to become happier…If you look hard enough, you will find it.

I hope you all had a great weekend and a super Happy Monday. Thank you for visiting the blog every week and reading my posts. I hope my posts give you an extra boost of motivation, happiness, and determination, or just a confirmation of how amazing you are.

Stay strong and be happy 🙂 

Till next post, so long for now…


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