To be a Father is to be Fearless…Happy Father’s Day!

Today is Father’s Day. For the past week or so….a month actually…I have been seeing and hearing ads, commercials, sales, online posts, quotes, etc. about Father’s Day. I appreciate that there are days dedicated to specific people/things in our lives, but every day should be a celebration of our loved ones.

My post today is not about Father’s Day and my father. Although, I love my father very much, I do want to say that to be a “father” or a “father figure,” you don’t have to have a moustache, wear a suit, carry a briefcase, fix the broken appliances in the house, mow the lawn, be the breadwinner, or even be a “male.”

To be aFather is to be FearlessFamiliar, Present, Strong, Selfless, Fair, Generous, Loving, and above all that a Friend and a Parent. Look around you and see who fits these descriptions. Sometimes, the people who have the most impact on our lives are not even related to us. Sometimes, we do not even know where we came from or who our biological parents are. Sometimes, we are raised by grandparents, older siblings, relatives, or just a decent human being who understood what it meant to love and to be loved and decided to do the right thing. Sometimes, our mothers have played both roles and filled in the shoes of the other parent by being fearless, familiar, present, strong, selfless, fair, generous, loving, and a friend and a parent!

I love my mom for all of that. I am sure you can take a second and think of the persons in your life that you love and would (or do) celebrate every day. So, don’t let the labels of masculinity/femininity or father/mother, or male/female throw you off. Love and respect the people who love and respect you. Cherish the people that spend (or have spent) their lives making sure your life is taken care of. If you have one of those people in your life, consider yourself extremely lucky and be grateful. If you are one of those people yourself, I bow in respect and admire you for your humanity and love.

Happy Father’s Day!

Until next time, so long for now…


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