Happiness is a state of mind….Happy Monday!

If you have read my “happiness jar” post, you probably know by now that I went on a quest for happiness for a whole year in 2016. I am not saying that I found “happiness” and now I have the secret to being happy, but I have changed the way that I look at the world. Every day, I get to decide if I want to focus my attention on the stressful events or highlight the positive aspects of my day even if they are insignificant.

I am tired of and disappointed with the unhappiness and the sadness that is portrayed in the media and our surroundings every single day. It is depressing and demoralizing to witness all the sadness and negativity. It just makes sense to really appreciate what is going right for us even if we think it does not deserve as much time and attention.

So here is my two cents! With all the craziness that happens around us every single day, whether they are our family, relationship, financial, psychological, physical, and/or health struggles, whether they are issues that are out of our control, or matters that we have control over, etc… whatever it might be, just remember that the ball is in our court. What is beyond our control is not going to change, but what we can change is our outlook on life!

I am always so inspired by people who go through so much, yet come out not only inspiring themselves but also motivating and changing others! What is different about those people? I always wonder about that. What makes them so optimistic and strong in the midst of all of their struggles? I have a few guesses…I think they are more realistic, they have come to a point in life where they have discovered “the secret to happiness.” They know what is worth sweating over and what is worth ignoring. Therefore, they have learned to be more optimistic and resilient. The older I get, the more I realize that life is short and unpredictable. So every day is worth living, and enjoying what we have while we have it and for as long as we have it.

If you are going through a rough time, or things have been difficult for a long time and you feel like there is no silver lining, please please please do not give up! Things can change! Things will change!

You know what’s funny? I am a big sucker for those positive sayings/quotes that you often see in the “frames” section/aisles of stores. The authors are often anonymous, but the messages are incredibly positive and reassuring. I saw one yesterday while shopping that simply said “Be what you have always wanted to become.” It may be cheesy or easy to say, but what is important is to always try and never give up. By giving up, you are not only giving up on your future, but also on your present.

So be happy 🙂 Smile! I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Find happiness in the smallest things and the most unlikeliest places around you. Our problems and difficulties don’t get resolved if we are more stressed or miserable. At least when we try to look at things with a fresh perspective, tune out the negativity from our life, separate ourselves from the pessimistic people around us – even if they are family members, we will get to be  intentional in how we take on each and every day.


I came across this saying yesterday. I neither know the author nor the accuracy of the saying, but it made me think.

“In Japan, broken objects are often repaired with GOLD. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object’s history, which adds to its beauty. 

Consider this when you feel broken.” 

It is heartbreaking to see sadness and suffering…whether it is in your immediate family or if it is far far away and somewhere out there in the world. Next time you feel sad, unhappy, and broken, remember that it is normal to feel down, you are human and you are allowed to feel your true feelings! You are you and your feelings and your life history belong to you. Don’t beat yourself up for what is not going right. Instead, be inspired and motivated and single out the things that did go/have gone right. So far, you have survived your most terrible days of your life, this too shall pass.

Be happy!

Happy Monday! Till next week, so long for now…


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