Hooray Thursday :)

Recently, Thursday has proven to be my most favourite day of the week. I do not discriminate against and still love all the other days (it’s kind of a touch and go with Monday at this point though) of the week, but all I can say is Hooray to Thursday!!

For some strange reason, Thursdays feel extra precious to me, maybe because tomorrow is Friday and that means the weekend is just around the corner, or maybe it means I have made it this far through another week! I don’t know what it is, but I love Thursdays 🙂 Even if there is nothing else to smile about and/or make me happy on Thursdays, the fact that today is Thursday makes me the happiest that I can be 😀

Oh! One more thing! If Thursday were to have a colour, I think it would be yellow! Warm, sunny, and comfortable 🙂


What is (are) your favourite day(s) of the week and why? 


2 Replies to “Hooray Thursday :)”

  1. With every stage or chapter of life, my favourite day has changed. Currently, Sunday is my favourite day of the week. If I had to choose a colour, it would be pink. No reason other than it being my favourite colour 😉

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