Find your “World’s Best” coffee shop

Some of the best and most celebrated moments of my life have been the ones spent with my family and loved ones. Whether they were our summer vacations growing up; Friday lunches at my grandparents’ house; the spontaneous trips with my cousins; or just a weekend trip or a car ride with my partner; they have all left me with many incredible memories.

Memorable experiences are often not about how exotic, extravagant, expensive, or elaborate they are. Instead, it is their simple and genuine nature that create invaluable, cherished, and lasting memories in our lives.

My partner and I have always tried to carve out some time every weekend or every now and then to just go for a drive, talk about anything and everything, listen to music, explore the unfamiliar parts of the city, visit the neighbouring small towns, pick up some fresh produce from a local farm, or just drive and see where the road will take us!

A green house in Rockland, ON

I remember one time, we got in the car and started driving and talking. Neither of us knew where we were heading. Next thing you know, we are on this stunningly beautiful scenic route, driving past the open fields, and catching the random  and distant barns and stables in the corner of our eyes. We look up and see the “Bienvenue a Montréal” sign. Next thing you know we are in Montréal, QC trying to compete against each other in a game of mini-pot! To this day, we still can’t agree on who actually won that game! 😉

We have created some of our best memories by just being spontaneous together and hitting the road without a map or a destination in mind. We have come across lakes, parks, local bakeries, farms, open fields with horses grazing or cows sitting near the highway and wondering what the rush is all about, orchards, wineries, the “world’s best” coffee shops 😉 festivals and celebrations, some of the most delicious family owned pizza places, and even new cat cafés 😀

Café Chat Sibérien in Chelsea, QC

The time spent living our life is more valuable than the time spent waiting to begin the life we think we deserve. There are many precious moments that are lost while we are anxiously waiting to begin our lives. Don’t miss the morning walks, the running squirrels around the neighbourhood, the baby ducks swimming after their mama duck, or even the moment you will be trying to escape that one seagull that you know is going to land on your head!

Life is beautiful if you want it to be. Don’t wait for the perfect day, warm weather, enough money, or the ‘next time.’ Take that morning walk, soak up the sun, listen to your favourite music, wear your favourite socks, try on new colours, and create new memories. You will be surprised how many of the “world’s best” coffee shops you will reach on your journey to ‘living life.’

An early morning walk on the streets of Montréal, QC

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