Read something! Anything!

I take the public transit to work every day. I have made a point of staying away from my electronics on the ride to and from work. I often read the daily newspaper and/or read a book. The way I see it is that you can never read enough!

Every day, read something! Anything! Even if it is a book you have read before. If it teaches you something new, read it again. You will learn a new word, a new phrase, think new thoughts, and formulate new ideas.

My late grandfather, even in his old age, used to read and write every single day. He even started teaching himself a new language by reading books and watching videos. He would then test his knowledge by asking questions and conversing with us. If we said a word or a phrase that he had not yet learned or heard before, he would ask us to repeat it and he would write it down. Next time, we saw him; he would find a way to use that word or phrase in our conversation, and he would then follow up by asking us, “How did I do?” If that is not inspiring and motivating, then I do not know what is! He was always learning and reading, and we always applauded him for his dedication and perseverance. He always used to say, “When you learn a new language, you become a new person.” That saying has been engraved in my mind. Although, I only know two languages, I am still hoping that one day, I can develop his sense of self-discipline and learn a third language.

So, every time I pick up a book, read a news article, come across a funny or inspiring post online, I cannot help but to think of my grandfather, and I remind myself of the value of education through continuous reading and learning. As once suggested by Denise Waitley, I, too, try to “view life as a continuous learning experience.”

Set aside some time every day and pick up a newspaper or a book!

Sometimes, it’s the best use of your time 🙂 


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