The voice may be silent now, but the legacy will live on!

The “Hairdresser” story was my introduction to The Vinyl Cafe and the legendary Stuart McLean. With every story, I got to laugh, cry, imagine, and dream. I got to travel to different parts of the country through his “Story Exchange,” feel proud and joyful hearing about all of the Arthur Awards recipients, and most importantly, celebrate every Christmas the way that only Dave and Morley knew how! His stories made long car rides and sleepless nights much more exciting, and left me wanting more! With his brilliant writing and storytelling abilities, Dave, Morley, Sam, and Stephanie, along with their friends and family, became a part of my family, community, and culture.

I am saddened and heartbroken by his loss. I am, however, happy and honoured to have had the privilege of reading his books and listening to his stories for the last decade or so.

His brilliance, art, humour, humanity, and stories will forever live on amongst us, and just like he said “this isn’t goodbye. It’s just…so long for now.


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